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BYD SkyShuttle
Our world is undergoing unprecedented urbanization and automobile popularization which has caused two major "urban diseases", air pollution and traffic congestion. To combat these social problems, BYD has invested more than 1.5 billion USD over a 7 year period to develop the modern intelligent small-capacity rail transit system SkyShuttle, with 100% independent intellectual property rights and the highest level of autonomous driving system.
SkyShuttle is more than a means of transportation, but a lifestyle, connecting the city, environment, economy and humanity, opening a new chapter in modern transportation.


Technology and Features

  • Cutting-edge Technologies and Features

    Benefiting from its cross-industry technology research and development and manufacturing capabilities, BYD has mastered the core technologies of the entire industrial chain from power train systems, chassis, to vehicle bodies, bogies, track beams and signal systems.
    1. Safe Mode of Transit
    2. Comprehensive Intelligent Systems
    3. A Single Point of Responsibility
    4. Easy Urban Integration
    5. Substantial Economic Benefits
    6. Attractive Addition to City Landscape